SOS Canalisation: emergency repair services in Etoy

Call Manuel Cravo and his team to locate leaks and repair flood damage

Maintenance, unblocking, drainage and cleaning out

SOS Canalisation carries out the cleaning of pipes and drains as well as the drainage of your home's peripheral pipework

Finding and repairing leaks

With thermal cameras, by ultrasound, we quickly locate damaged pipes and repair them easily


Finding, probing and repairing leaks by thermal camera

With the help of thermal cameras, we can find leaks and locate damaged pipes.

We send down a probe attached to a cable and which emits radio waves enabling us to locate precisely where the break and the leak are, which avoids us undertaking any unnecessary work.

What's more, we also handle the repair of defective sanitary seals.

Practical information

rue de l'Ecureuil 1 1163 Etoy
Route de Lausanne 17 1032 Romanel