SOS Canalisation: emergency repair services in Etoy

Call Manuel Cravo and his team to locate leaks and repair flood damage

Maintenance, unblocking, drainage and cleaning out

SOS Canalisation carries out the cleaning of pipes and drains as well as the drainage of your home's peripheral pipework

Finding and repairing leaks

With thermal cameras, by ultrasound, we quickly locate damaged pipes and repair them easily

Unblocking and maintenance

Flushing, draining and cleaning your pipes and drainage systems

We offer our services for maintaining and unblocking your home's pipes and drainage systems.

We unblock standard pipes such as those attached to your kitchen sink, washbasins, baths, showers, soil pipes...

In addition, we also handle more specialist pipework including:

Drainage systems

Various pipes surround homes which channel the water that is present in the soil in the surrounding land and that flows from the roof via the gutters.

These pipes must be cleaned to prevent water infiltrating into the building.

Well and spring drainage systems

Some people feed their wells from natural springs which sometimes get blocked because of roots or the build-up of limescale.

We offer our services to unblock well and spring drainage systems, for both private and business customers.

Drainage grills

We also unblock all kinds of drainage grilles.

Pumping, emptying and maintaining ditches

Sewage and clean water with our pumping trailer.



In order to locate pipes which need maintenance, we adopt various methods.

High pressure cleaning

This type of unblocking is carried out from our vehicles equipped with high pressure pumps.

Mechanical cleaning

We operate with machines equipped with cables and rods for unblocking.



Regular cleaning enables you to avoid blockages and floods caused by the build-up of roots, rubbish thrown down the toilet, cooking grease, sand, dead leaves or, again, limescale.

In this situation, we also carry out the cleaning of sewage and clear water from all potential refuse.

Practical information

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